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I was walking
down the street
(Putting my head-
phones on)
when I saw you

turn the corner
at the other end
of the block.
First my heart
skipped a beat

then it wouldn't
Had a cheesy smile
and those crazy

until it wasn't you.
Put our Playlist on
And thought of how

(1) All of me loves all
   of you. Loves
   your curves and
   all your edges. All
   your perfect
   imperfection. Give
   your all to me,
   I'll give my all to
   You're my end and
   my beginning.
   Even when I lose
   I'm winning.
   Cause I give you

   All of me
     By John Legend.
(2) how Maybe, you're gonna
   be the one
   that saves me.
   And afterall, you're my

     By Oasis.
(3) how Time has brought
   your heart to me.
   I have loved you

   A Thousand Years
     By Christina Perri
  (I'll love you for
   a thousand more)
(4) how You're
   Always on my Mind
     By Michael Buble.
(5) how There's no fear now.
   Let go and just be
   free. I will love you

     By Katy Perry.
(6) how When this world
   is no more, the
   moon is all we'll see.
   I'll ask you to fly
   away with me. Until
   the stars all
   fall down
   and empty from
   the sky. But
   I don't mind.
   If you're with me

   Everything's Alright
     By Laura Shigihara
 (And For River by Kan R. Gao)
(7) how I want you to
     By Rihanna.
(8) how I

   Adore you
     By Miley Cyrus.
(9) how When the world's too
   much for me to
   take, you give
   me a sweet escape.
   Get next to me,
   come close to me,
   grab hold of me,

   Wrap You Around Me
     By Sean Kingston.

(10) And If I'm
    James Dean then
    You're Audrey Hepburn
    because They say
    that love is forever.
    Your forever is
    all that I need. Please
    stay as long as you
    need. Can't promise
    that things won't be
    broken, but I
    swear that I will never
    Please stay forever with me.
More songs, but these were top 10.
Each song with the reason it's on the playlist. Formatted weirdly, so it won't make sense. But what does?

All lyrics belong to their owners.
Beccaroni333 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Writer
I like the weirdness, and it makes sense. 
DriftingFarAway Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :)
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